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Legal Statement

CAPSICO shall at all times be permitted to change this website and its contents, including these general terms and conditions. CAPSICO cannot be held liable for the consequences of any changes. Only CAPSICO shall be permitted to make changes to this website.

All information and illustrations contained on this site are protected by the copyright of CAPSICO and may not be reproduced and/or published in print, by means of photocopies, microfilm, in digital or any other form, without the prior written permission of CAPSICO.

Descriptions and data in our publications provide general information and do not guarantee the success of cultivation themselves. We assume that the customers have adequate professional knowledge on proper use, storage of seeds and comply with professional rules in the sales or utilization of seeds. Data on germinative faculty are valid under laboratory conditions stipulated by law and can be checked under similar conditions. Compared to laboratory measurements there may be significant differences depending on the technology used at the location of production and on climatic conditions.

The property right of the seed we transport will not be passed on the Customer until they meet all their liabilities to pay.

We do not bear responsibility if our varieties are not cultivated in accordance with the demands of the plant or if the Customer treats, presoaks, repackages or stores the seed under inadequate conditions in any way. In case of justifiable claim for damages of the Customer, the Seller shall be responsible only up to the amount of the invoice of the disputed product and not for other damages.

The Customer is obliged to examine the goods upon delivery and to indicate the observed problems in written form in 3 days. The problems experienced during utilization must be reported in a way that the owner or proxy of the Ltd could check the cogency of the complaint at the site. For lack of this condition CAPSICO is exempt from further obligations and responsibility. In case of complaint indicated in time and written form, the owner or proxy of the Ltd shall visit the Customer and puts the exact subject of the complaint and specific cultivation technological factors on record at on-site inspection. He/she makes proposals to avoid possible damage. If the complaint of the Customer is related to germination, purity, type- and species identity, they shall mutually accept the examination results of the Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Office. The cost of the examination shall be borne by the party whose assertion is not justified. Report of the problem does not exempt the Customer from liability to pay.

CAPSICO tries to settle all questions with the Customer without litigation, but in case of failure, it stipulates the jurisdiction of the competent court according to the seat of the limited company (Buda Central District Court.

For issues not specifically mentioned in the present conditions the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code shall be governing.