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All that pepper

Pepper means everything for us. That is why we decided to combine the knowledge piled up in the recent years with our youthful approach and look for new ways to breed pepper hybrids. We do this so that not only our genetic bases, but also the quality of our seeds and our services for our varieties meet the high quality requirements we set. That’s how CAPSICO was created. Our world and our agriculture are constantly changing at an accelerating pace. We are working to ensure that these changes do not unexpectedly affect pepper growers who choose us. We are working with traditional and modern biotechnological tools to make our pepper hybrids meet the latest challenges now and in the future. We develop pepper varieties that meet both cultivating conditions and market expectations. Throughout our work, our full attention to this vegetable crop is focused and we try to satisfy the widest demands. Whether it’s new types or features, if it is pepper, we’re available. This catalog shows the varieties that were the first to stand the tests and have proven themselves in many circumstances over the past few years.