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It is a type of early kapia used for supermarkets and fresh market sales. The fruits are very showy, ripening from dark green to deep red, smooth and shiny, mostly flattened. It has high dry matter, very well and continuously fruit setting. The end of the fruit is not sharpened or thinned too much so that it is not damaged during picking, grading or transporting. Due to its outstanding resistance package, we recommend it for open field and greenhouses also.



Early, large sized type with heavy fruits and robust shoulder diameter. It changes from medium green to red evenly and quickly. Its fruits are bright, have a smooth surface and are not prone to micro-cracking or calcium deficiency. It has strong roots and stem system. Due to its thick meat, uniform red color and high slice yield, it is recommended not only for fresh market but also for processing. It is recommended for open field and unheated facilities, it can be successfully grown in cordon system also.



Extraordinarily early kapia type, excellent for supermarkets and for packed sales. Its shoulder diameter is reliably over 5 cm and its average length does not exceed 16 cm. Ripening from medium green to bright red, very fast and evenly colored. Its fruits are predominantly flattened, are not prone to micro-cracks and have high dry matter content. It has a very good fruit setting ability and excellent shelf life. We recommend it for outdoor, heated and unheated cultivation, soil and hydroponic technologies.


White conical


Our universal white TV novelty, which is permanent with it's performance, it is one of the most productive variety on the market.
From January to December, for soil and hydroponics, to the most diverse growing conditions we also recommend it. Fruit setting is excellent even in low-light periods, its fruit color it is white all year round. Extra fruit size from the first pick to the last. It has a strong stem
system, predictable, can be taken at short intervals. Virus and powdery mildew resistant, new generation, extremely stable performing breed.



Medium sized (140-150 grams average fruit weight) type of white conical with excellent self life, earliness and outstanding fruit thickness. It is not prone to calcium deficiency. Tm:0-2, TSWV and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) resistant, it is recommended in high virus pressure equipments also. At low temperatures (below 15 °C) fruity mild anthocyanin discoloration occurs. We recommend planting it on soil and on hydroponic technologies, tying up for two stems or cordon cultivation.



Large sized type with an average weight of 150-160 grams and a thick walled, bright white fruits. It is an early variety with a particularly high yield in the first harvests. It is not prone to calcium deficiency and genetically anthocyanin-free. It is a medium-growth type and set fruits well even in low light periods. We also recommend planting it on soil and on hydroponic technologies, from the early period up to second planting, tying up for two stems or cordon cultivation.


Hot white conical


Spicy white conical type, which is unique on the market with its earliness, yield and virus resistance. Its fruits are thick-fleshed, uniform, not prone to calcium-deficient staining, and can withstand transport and storage. It grows a plant with short internodes, its fruit setting is reliable even in extreme weather conditions. We recommend planting it tied to one or two strems, for cordon cultivation, and in the open field.


Sweet apple shaped


An early, highly uniform sweet apple shaped hybrid.  Its fruits are white, flattened round, not deformed during the low light period and at the end of cultivation, and do not getting too small. Its thick-fleshed fruits, when stuffed and fully processed, serve as an excellent raw material for the processing industry. The internodes of the plant is short, the stem androot system are strong, and due to its renewable ability and outstanding fruit setting, it is capable of high yields. Due to its bacterial resistance, it can be grown safely in open field, but also suitable to greenhouses, cut into one stem or cordon.


Hot apple shaped


A spicy version of Steffi that, except for its taste, has almost the same characteristics as its sweet sister. Its bright white fruits are flattened, its first settings are not too large, and they do not fragment too much by the end of the season. Its fruit size is suitable for filling and whole pickling also. It is a high-yielding variety with strong roots and stems, and its ability to regenerate is excellent. Due to the same plant habit, earliness and fruit size as Steffi, the two varieties can be easily grown with the same nutrient feeding. It is recommended for greenhouses, tied up for one stem, cordon system and for open field also.


Lightgreen conical


Early lightgreen conical variety with thick, regular and showy fruits. It has short internodes and can set fruits reliably even in low light periods. It is an extremely fast breed, has an excellent ability to regenerate. Thanks to Tm:0-2 and TSWV resistances, it can be successfully and safely grown at any time of the year. It is also recommended for outdoor, heated and unheated facilities, soil and hydroponic technologies.



A really big sized lightgreen conical type with an average fruit weight of 160-180 grams. Its biggest fruits could weighing more than 250 grams also. It is an early variety with thick flesh, high quality and excellent shelf life. Strong growth, medium length internodes, the stem system retains even the larger size fruits. We also recommend it for prunning to two stems or cordon cultivation, greenhouses and open field.


Hot lightgreen conical


It is an early, hot lightgreen conical type that grows regular, wide shouldered fruits and retains its showy shape until the end of cultivation. Its fruits are thick-fleshed, less prone to dents and deformation, their color is not too dark in early spring, and they retain their greenish hue even in summer and open field. Its plant has short internodes, can be easily grown in small facilities, it can also be driven with one or two stems of pruning. We also recommend it for the open field, heated and cold greenhouses, soil and hydroponic technologies.


White blocky


Very early, really large sized variety with outstanding yield potential. It produces bright, thick fleshy fruits, keeping its size and quality until the end of cultivation. Its internodes are short, with a strong stem system, which allows it to produce well and evenly in extreme weather conditions. It is also recommended for pruning to two stems or cordon system, for greenhouses and open field cultivation. Tm:0-3, TSWV and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) resistant, safely grown in virus infected facilities.



Extra-early, large sized white blocky type, equipped
with unique resistances. Yield is particularly outstanding
in the first harvests. Its flesh is 7-9 mm
thick, it has shiny white fruits with predominantly
3-4 lobes. It is not prone to calcium deficiency. It
has a medium strong plants with short internodes.
It can set fruits evenly and continuously in the heat
of summer and in low light. We recommend cultivating
it with two stems or in cordon system.


Tomato shaped


One of the largest fruit sized hybrid in its type. It has
flattened shape fruits, its flesh is 7-9 mm thick, its
color is deep red, and not prone to mold. It has an
extremely strong, robust root system and stem system,
can withstand extreme weather conditions,
and can be safely grown in looser fields. It has a
prominent leaf coverage that protects the fruits
against sunburn in summer heat. We recommend
cultivating it in intensive outdoor culture or in unheated


Red blocky


Large sized, dark green to deep red type. Its biggest fruits could weighing more than 300 grams also. It has bright, uniform fruits, and turns to red fast and evenly. Its shelf life is really good, it has strong fruits and is suitable for longer transport. It has robust stem system and strong roots, and can be successfully grown in cordon systems and in open field.


Dulce Italiano


Tm:0-2 and TSWV resistant Dulce Italiano type with high sugar content. One of the earliest in its class, which quickly and uniformly turns from dark green to bright red. Its fruits are crunchy, succulent and retain their hardness for a long time even in red. It has strong growth, keeps its size and quality until the end of cultivation. We recommend pruning it for two or three stems.


Hot Charleston


It is an early, medium-sized hot variety. Its fruits are lightgreen in color, it is not prone to calcium deficiency. Reliable and evenly pungent, it has outstanding fruit setting capcity. The plant has a medium growth, it sets fruits well even in low light periods. With a steady and adequate supply of nitrogen, it can produce marketable fruits with very few curved peppers. We recommend cultivating it mainly by pruning it to two stems.




High yielding, dark green to red spicy chili type. It is reliably pungent, its fruits are bright and smooth, and the ratio of curves is very low. Its length is about 10-12 cm and is suitable for pickling and other industrial applications as well. It has generative plants with short internodes, with excellent fruit setting capacity. Due to its strong stem system it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation. It is not prone to calcium-deficient stains or micro-cracks.